I am an avid traveller, I try to go to at least a couple of countries a year, mostly countries I haven’t been to before. To date I have been to around 25 countries independently joining some tours and sometimes finding my own way around.

When researching about the countries I want to travel to or possible activities I might want to try I do look at peoples blogs, so in return when I have done the same activities or different ones I write a blog as well, in hope that someone finds the information I write is useful.

The infamous quote by mountaineer George Mallory is the first thing I say when people ask why do I want to climb mountains. Why? Well why not! I love a challenge and I love to see the world so trying to climb as high as I can is putting both of these passions together.

People always say know your limits, but how do you get to know what your limit is without pushing yourself above and beyond that limit! By pushing our limits we can achieve great things and open up a whole new world to ourselves and to the next generation. Exploration is something in our history with greats such as Irvine and Mallory, Shackleton, Hillary and Fiennes to name but a few famous explorers and adventurers all wanting to achieve something no one has achieved before. Because of these fearless adventurers the chance to traverse across Antarctica or climb the highest point on Earth is a possibility for people like me. Granted I am lacking in the funds department which the early of these explorers never really had much of an issue with, but in this day and age of sponsorship and high prices to achieve something incredible it does take a while to save the funds.


I love the great outdoors and I love reading other peoples stories and experiences. Some things I have read online or in books vary massively from my experiences so I decided to blog about my views on mountains etc . I used to love hiking with my dad and the dogs as a child, but I grew up I went to high school and I stopped walking. I tried to start again at university by joining the hiking club and managed to go on one hike in the Langdales with them which I really liked, however I liked the university experience more and the early mornings didn’t really mix well with that. After university I travelled around New Zealand where I did a lot more hiking and I started to really enjoy it again. When I got back to the UK I kept up hiking in Cumbria. In 2012 I went to Australia for a year working, I saved up enough money that in 2013 I travelled around Asia including Nepal where I did the Everest Base Camp Trek and that was it I was hooked on high altitude hiking. I never made it EBC due to an unforeseen illness (not AMS) but I really wanted to do more especially in the Himalayas as it is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. It did take me a few more years before I booked onto my next high altitude trek which was Kilimanjaro that I did this year – 2017 (see blog for details). I have rebooked onto a week long mountaineering course for next year since then, and have done the Inca Trail (highest point 4200m), and I have also booked onto a Jagged Globe hike to Mera Peak back in the Himalayas.

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and sharing my journey. If anyone has any questions please leave comments and I will endeavour to get back to you.

Thanks 🙂